Honey-Do Weekends (Part 2)

Moms day burgerWell, not surprising, this weekend, the honey-do list continued.  Friday, after Rick got off of work, we hit the garden center with the shortest list we’ve ever had at the beginning of May: tomato plants.  There were a few varieties we like from previous years that we wanted to get, and we picked out a few new things as well.  We took home a Super Sweet 100, Lemon Boy, Health Kick, an heirloom Roma, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Sun Gold, Mr. Stripey and Black Krim.  We got ten plants all together.  Actually, half the plants we got were heirloom.  We are going to try our hands at saving seeds from them this year to start ourselves next year.  🙂  These, along with all our seeds were scheduled to go in the garden this weekend.

Saturday morning, Rick took his mom out for Mother’s Day.  They went to Celestial Seasonings to do the factory tour.  From the sounds of things, they had a great time, and Rick brought home a few boxes of tea, along with some farmer’s market spinach from Boulder, since he took his mom there as well. 

When he got home, he cleaned out the chicken coop, while I washed all the walls and trim, as well as all the windows, inside and out.  We didn’t plant anything since we thought it was supposed to rain.  Well… it did rain, but not until the night time.  So it was too wet Sunday to plant.  Instead, we sanded and painted over all the nail hole patches Rick had done last weekend, as well as re-started the refinishing of the trim around the door frame in the living room.  This project is such a bear, since there are so many layers of age-old paint to get through.  Rick worked on it for a good three hours, and got one side and the top done.  Just one more side to go before we can repaint it. 

So yes, for my Mother’s Day, we did projects.  🙂  But this is what I wanted.  Rick made a yummy breakfast for us (french toast with strawberries) and he also cooked what I wanted for dinner: antelope burgers on the grill with green chiles, tomatoes, pepperjack cheese, lettuce and avocado.  Yum!   They were awesome.

The columns will be painted today and the garden will be planted today or tomorrow.  🙂  Those were the outside projects on the list for this weekend.  As well, we have recaulking the bathroom, hanging a shelf, and more weed pulling on the dockett for the week. 

Rick pointed out to me that most women nest when they are pregnant by mopping the floor or cleaning out the closet.  I nest with power tools I guess.  Next weekend there are more projects to come… stay tuned.

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