It Really IS a Small World After All

moby-wrapOver the last few weeks, I’ve realized just how small the world really is.  Two weeks ago, while having coffee with a dear friend, we got to talking about home birth (well, I talk a lot about this lately).  She was asking me questions and we were talking about squatting for the birth and all kinds of stuff, when the couple in the booth next to us got up to pay their check.

Before they left the man said, “excuse me, we don’t mean to eavesdrop, but are you talking about home birth?”  Why yes.  “That’s so funny,” he said.  “My wife’s in labor right now.  We’re having the baby at  The Birth Center.”  Really, cool!  I had H at the birth center, two years ago.

My friend asked the wife a few more questions and while she was answering, she had a contraction and had to stop and sit down.  It was cool to see such a calm, collected mother just breathe through her contraction, and then when it was over, continue on with the conversation.  We wished them luck with their birth, and they left to walk the few blocks back to the center, I’m sure.

hot-moms-tshirtThen last week I was shopping Craigslist for a Moby Wrap for the new baby.  There was one on there for only $25, and I jumped on it.  I arranged to meet the lady to pick it up.  When I got to her house, she saw me get out of the car and asked “Hey, did you used to work for Tracy?”  Yes, at the birth center?  “Yes, remember me, I had my son there back when you were the receptionist!”  Too weird.

So, I guess it really is a small world, after all.  What are the odds?

I did buy the wrap, and I really like it so far.  Rick gave H a ride around the house in it on his back, and then H had to try it on himself.  It’s super long, so it’s wrapped around him umpteen times.  I might have to make him one of his own to carry his frog around in, while I carry the baby in mine.  🙂

There is a picture of Rick, H & I on the birth center’s website.  It was at the six week visit after H was born.  All the pictures on the site have captions with the parents’ and babies’ names on them, except ours… Ours just says :  “Hot Moms T-Shirt.”

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