Thrifty Thursday: Seed Saving & Sharing

Let me start off by admitting: this week’s tip is not something I know a lot about.  But I do think it would be very, very Thrifty indeed.  Each year, Rick and I spend quite a bit on our garden.  We buy some things as small plants and transplant them (tomatoes and peppers, in particular).  Other things, we start ourselves from seeds. 

This is one fact I know for sure: seeds are WAY cheaper to buy than plants.  WAY WAY WAY cheaper.  For this reason, we try to plant as many things as possible from seed.  Each year, we’ve gotten a bit bolder in trying to plant this or that, starting earlier, saving left over seeds, etc. in order to cut the cost of the garden down even further. 

We have spent $28.37 on the garden so far this year.  All on seeds.  We had some seed left from previous years, but we still had to buy quite a lot.  Thankfully we had a gift certificate for this!  But regardless, it’s safe to say that even seeds aren’t free.  That is, unless you are harvesting them yourself. 

I do know you can’t save seed from hybrid plants.  But you can from heirloom and open-pollinated plants.  The trick is find seeds that are these two to plant instead of the hybrids.  🙂

One of my big garden goals this year is to harvest and save seeds from our plants this year to try to replant them next year.  I don’t know a lot about harvesting seeds, but I am learning.  Even with buying seeds and plants, home gardens are very affordable.  But this is just another way that we can cut a bit more of the cost.  

Last year, our dear friends shared some home-grown concord grapes with us.  I saved quite a few of the seeds before making the grapes into a pie.  I’m hoping for success at starting my own grapevine this year.  What a great way to get a new fruit of veggie into your own garden… seed sharing!   A gift from a friend that keeps on giving! 

Since I don’t know a lot about these subjects, I’m posting a few links that I’ve been using to educate myself. 

Seed Saving Basics
International Seed Saving Institute
The Growing Challenge: From Seed to Seed

Do you have any tips for me??  What have you done or tried that has and has not worked? 

Happy growing!

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Seed Saving & Sharing

  1. I wish had I some great advice in this area, but I don’t. My husband has been doing some reading in this area as well and hasn’t shared his knowledge with me. My main concern is that our area may be too wet and cause disease to occur quite rampantly in saved seeds. I could be totally wrong and will try and save some seeds for next year. Good luck.
    From inside the little blue bungalow,
    Katie Jean

  2. i can’t wait to hear your updates on seed harvesting, i’m intrigued. SO happy that you saved some of our grape seeds – best wishes for getting your vine started. and don’t worry, i’ll probably share again this year as rich has already trimmed the vines so nicely, can’t wait to see the specs of purple this year!

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