New Kids in the Flock

There’s a new chick band around the Schell homestead.  They go by the names of Rose, Blossom, Petal and Petunia.  Debuting Sunday, we got these day-old beauties to add to the Schell flock and more than double our egg laying potential. 





The Fab Four are all Rhode Island Reds (good egg layers!) and they will get to enjoy the warmth of our office and keep me company in here while I blog for the next 12-16 weeks.  Then the little chickadees will join their older counter parts, Mayzie, Lavender and Poppy in the backyard.

Rock on!

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4 thoughts on “New Kids in the Flock

  1. jenny

    They’re so cute! I want one… Sorry, I never got a hold of my parents, they’re so busy playing these days… harrrumph!

  2. So jealous…I want chickens!

  3. Anisa

    It’s easy to do… check your city ordinances. But be prepared to loose the prestine backyard… they like to dig deep, chicken-size holes to China (for dust baths) and they poop every where!

  4. AWESOME – more chickies on the schell homestead – wahooo!

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