Cleaning Neurosis

josie-in-her-clean-bedIt’s another marathon cleaning day for me, I guess.  I started off the day (as I do many other days) with dishes and a load of laundry.  But, the thing is, I had already done most of the laundry yesterday.  So today’s laundry was the once in a while stuff.  The dog bed (ok, so that’s only a little less than weekly), curtains, rugs, bedspreads.  I don’t know where this cleaning bug has come from.  And I really don’t feel like I’m far enough along to count it as “nesting.” 

I also started cleaning out my closet and dresser, and that long forgotten bin of clothes under my bed.  It held clothes from before my pregnancy with Henry.  I just put that whole thing in the Goodwill pile, since I obviously forgot about it completely.  No sense in it taking up space.  Valuable space at that!  Like Katie Jean, I live in an old house without much storage, and we get creative about where we put things.  No room for junk! 

ridiculous-pile-for-the-goodwillAnd after finishing that, I moved on to Henry’s room.  Cleaning it out once again.  Seriously, if this keeps up, the poor kid will have no clothes or toys at all by the time I’m done with this pregnancy.

So where did I put all this *stuff*?  Well, we have an ever growing Goodwill pile down in the basement.  And, Rick and I have been discussing actually taking it to the Goodwill for some time now.  So that is where I’m headed after this post… to the basement to gather and load the Goodwill pile into the car to take to the Goodwill!  No room for junk, I say!


On another note, I read a very interesting post today over at Crunchy Chicken on The neurology of spending.  It’s quite thought provoking.  I really am not a big spender, I find a lot of satisfaction in seeing how little I can spend at the grocery store, or re-purposing something I already have into something new that I needed.  But I AM kind of an emotional spender. 

Last week, for example, Rick and I got into an argument.  It was about nothing really, but those pesky pregnancy hormones kind of blew it out of proportion for me.  So I left the house, practically in tears, determined to see if I could get into the salon to get my hair done… a $60 + expense that I haven’t taken care of since October because, honestly, we just didn’t have the cash.  Fortunately for me, and the household budget, I couldn’t get in.  And I was spared the wrath of a husband and bank who would have definitely been upset by us not being able to pay out bills. 

That’s not always the case.  I’ve gone out to buy coffee, clothes or various other non-necessities under emotional stress in the past.  Sometimes it causes a lot of financial damage, but usually my “insula” (see the article for an explanation) kicked in and kept me out of too much trouble.  Even if the $4 coffee wasn’t in the budget, it usually doesn’t break us. 

Anyway, I enjoyed reading about why we are sometimes tempted to spend and what sometimes keeps us from doing so.  Do you ever spend in reaction to emotions?  What usually stops you?  And do I have an excuse other than nesting for this cleaning frenzy?? 

Tomorrow’s post (Thrifty Thursday) will be on cheap dates, in honor of Valentine’s Day.  😉 

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning Neurosis

  1. Good for you for clearing the clutter!
    Emotional spending…I must admit sometimes I cave in at dinner time and grab a $5 pizza from Little Ceaser’s if the day has been overwhelming. I always call my husband first to confirm if it is “ok” since he always has different perspective. By calling him, I’m saying “Hey…little tired here…do you want to make dinner?” I would say 50/50 we get a pizza, but it only ends up being maybe twice a month.

  2. Anisa

    That’s funny. We totally had pizza last night. I just couldn’t bring myself to cook, and the local pizzeria across the street was offering a large Hawaiian with extra cheese for $9.99. I totally broke down and Rick picked it up for us! 🙂

  3. Aunt Mary Janice

    Nikki – I am so guilty on the emotional spending. There have been times when I would go to a store – try on a pair of pants, if they fit I would then ask how many colors they had then in, and proceed to buy most of the colors.
    Of course that was after I was working and had my own money to spend.
    I enjoy reading the web site.

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