Easy as Pie

Yum!  Earlier this week Rachel shared some delicious home-grown concord grapes with us (be sure to scroll down to see the picture).  They were so sweet and good, I just had to try making this pie with them.  I didn’t have a 4″ grape-leaf cookie cutter as the recipe calls for, so I used many leaves from a small cookie cutter that I had instead.  I only baked them 15 minutes, but they still turned out a little browner then I had intended. 

BUT the pie was delish… like grape jelly only better.  I’m not one who normally takes on big, involved recipes.  Usually I get frustrated or bored, or overwhelmed.  But this pie wasn’t overly difficult or time consuming, and all the required refrigeration during the prep made it easy to work on between nap times and keep the kitchen fairly clean.  I did use a premade Pillsbury pie crust (a rarity, since I actually make pie crusts often for fruit tarts that Rick and I like to have), but as I was getting closer to assembly of the pie I could feel myself wanting to quit, and I could never live with myself if I let the grapes go to waste.  Next time I WILL make the crust myself…homemade is SO much better.  But the short cut paid off, and the pie smelled heavenly every step of the way.


Thank you again, Rachel, dear friend, for sharing your crop with us!  We loved it!

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3 thoughts on “Easy as Pie

  1. OH MY GOODNESS, seriously??!! you’ve inspired me to make a pie now…crazy thing huh! i should have come over to watch/learn. NOW i have an excuse to pick more of our grapes off the vine. i’m SO happy you got use out of them. i can taste the pie now, in my mind at least – YUMMO!!!!

  2. Joan

    Wow, that’s awesome Anisa! I imagine it was as yummy tasting as it is beautiful looking.

  3. Anisa

    Rach – if you have more grapes I’d love to bake another one for YOU!

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