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Rifle season is officially upon us, and Rick is up in Kremmling hunting for an elk (Oh how I hope he gets one!  It would be so nice to have meat in the freezer… enough for the whole year)!

So while he’s gone, I’m passing the time by surfing the net and playing on  I should be cleaning, I know.  I just can’t bring myself to do work, while he’s out there playing.  🙂 

If you didn’t know it, Amazon has a cool feature… Wish Lists.  I’ve been filling mine up as a reminder of stuff I want to buy if I ever have extra money to do so.  And how will I get said extra money??  By selling stuff on Amazon, of course!  I’ve decided to give it a try anyway.  I’ve listed a few books, so we’ll see what happens. 

Last week I was invited to join a long distance book club… a group of women will be mailing each other books to read each month.  Not the same books, just a book they’d like to pass on.  I love the idea.  I can’t wait until we start… I can’t wait to get a book in the mail!  And I’ve been picking out a couple books that I think I’m ready to send on too.  It should be lots of fun! 

I recently borrowed The Secret Life of Bees from a friend, and I really enjoyed it.  It’s a short book, an easy read.  But it was a fun one, and I hope to get a few more fun books in the club.  I wish I owned The Secret Life of Bees, just so I could pass it on in the club!

(image of Ukrainian Beekeeping Stamps… apparently, one in 1000 people in the Ukraine keep bees!!)

Something endears the characters in that book to me… maybe it’s because I’m fascinated with bees.  I am always telling Rick how I want to try out beekeeping.  Maybe if we ever get some real land, it’ll be my next project. 

I have no fear of bees.  I so love hanging out in my flower gardens and seeing all the different kinds of bees, busily collecting pollen.  I love that they are enjoying my flowers as much as I am.  Even the neighbor comments on all the bees in my flowers!  I love it!

“First chickens, now bees?”  Rick would say.  “Yep,” says I.  “Can’t you just imagine how great your own home grown honey would be??”

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3 thoughts on “Books & Bees

  1. YES, bees indeed! i love that book and have read it TWICE actually. your long distance book club sounds great, you will have fun getting books from all over. miss ya, love ya! hugs, rach

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