The first egg is here!

A few pictures of our first egg ever (pictured next to a store bought egg for size and color comparison)! 




It’s from our Aruacana… the green egg layer!  The egg is dirty because, she had quite a lot of trouble with it, she got egg-bound.  It’s something that can sometimes happen to young hens when they first start laying eggs.  We actually had to put her in some warm water and “help” it out.  I felt so bad for her!  I am actually a little worried about her.  I keep watching her, and trying to keep her from getting infected…. not an easy feat with a dirty bird like a chicken. 

We decided not to eat the egg either… we weren’t sure how long it was stuck, so we fed it to Josie.  But I am excited to try the next one! 

The eggs will get bigger over time… it may take a couple months, but they should get as big as the eggs you can get at the store.  I think the color is so cool though! 

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