Spring in Colorado!

Yesterday we spent the morning planning and scheming for this year’s garden.  Then we went to a new -to us- garden center called Arapahoe Acres down on Santa Fe.  We picked up a bunch of seeds in preparation for today!

This morning we dusted off the shovels and got the garden started. We planted the peas, lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, radishes and onions.  OH!  And brussel sprouts!  (I know, I’m crazy to be excited about brussel sprouts).  And we had a little help in the garden:

a-little-garden-help.jpg 1sr-garden-outing.jpg

The peepers came and explored the dirt and H looked on while we planted the rows.

Then it was off to Murdoch’s again to pick up the rest of our flock… I was planning on two Rhode Island Reds, but, again, they did not have any.  So I got a New Hampshire Red, a Golden Laced Wyandotte AND a Blue Andalusian.  I know, that’s three more, not two.  I just couldn’t resist the cuteness.  Here they all are:



Isn’t the size difference between 1 day and 1 week amazing!

I think I need to go live on a farm.

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2 thoughts on “Spring in Colorado!

  1. Anisa, totally crazy but I think you wrote this in 2007, and I saw it today. WHat’s up with my reader?
    Hope you’re well… and that it’s not actually spring in Colorado, or I’m really confused. =)

  2. Anisa

    How weird?!?

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