It’s a Girl!

We’re so happy that the homestead grew by one this week!

Baby C was born into her daddy’s hands at home on at 2:32am.
8 pounds even, 20.75 inches long. 

We’ve been babymoonin’ all week, and resting when she sleeps as much as possible.  I will try to get a few posts up and more pictures later this week.

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11 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!

  1. YIPPIE!!! she is so precious…have a wonderful snuggle with her!

  2. Congratulations! She’s absolutely beautiful!

  3. Robin

    Congratulations! What a doll! Enjoy your babymoon!

  4. Chibby

    congratulations! She is beautiful.

  5. She is beautiful! Absolutely sweet as pie!

  6. Deb Weber

    Wow! A girl! Congratulations, she is beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her.

  7. Maggie

    I just stopped by to check on your fridge adventure and am blessed to find there is one more precious baby in the world. I wish blessings on you, a stranger though I am. I love what you are doing in this space and love the way in which you are living. May gods hand be on this sweet Cora.

  8. She’s got those FABULOUS lips! I’m so happy for you. Remember: vitamin D and lots of food… vitamin D and lots of food (it’s like a little chant. Try it.) Vitamin D…

    • Haha – Yes Annie. Also, I’m trying placenta medicine this time around. I don’t know if that makes me feel all primal or just super hippie. 😉 But I’m willing t give it a go.

  9. Thank you everyone! We like her too!

  10. Congratulations! What a lovely time in your life. Enjoy! Share when you can, but get rest when you need it before blogging. All us moms understand.

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