Green and Good!

Since at this time of year, everyone seems to have an abundance of greens coming from the garden, I thought I’d share my favorite green smoothie recipe.  I shared it a couple weeks ago on my birth blog, but that you might appreciate it too.

This recipe was given to me by my midwife, Jen Anderson-Tarver, but I’ve played with it a bit to suit my personal tastes and moods.

To a blender add:

1/2 pound kale, tough stems removed
1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup sliced frozen peaches, or approx. 1 frozen peach, unsweetened
And 1 of the following of your choice:  either 1 whole carrot, 1/2 a banana, OR 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Blend until smooth, pour into glasses and enjoy!

The original recipe calls for the half a banana, but I don’t really care for bananas in smoothies.  They are a bit too sweet for me.  I like to substitute the carrot, which is a little sweet, but not too much, and since I don’t otherwise like carrots much, it’s a good way for me to sneak them into my diet.  The blueberries are a good choice if you don’t want your smoothie to actually be green… great for those with an aversion to green foods.  We’ve also substituted spinach for kale, though I prefer the kale if we have it.

This is the smoothie H and E ask for over and over.  Rick usually makes it with a carrot for me, and they like it just fine.  They’ve even bragged to the neighborhood kids about how good it is.  Of course, E has been known to run from me stuffing handfuls of spinach into his mouth before I can make him come back inside.  So fun having kids that like to eat their greens.  How lucky are we!

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4 thoughts on “Green and Good!

  1. Got any ideas for Swiss chard? This sounds great, but I don’t have kale this year (only space for one or the other, and the farmer markets aren’t up yet…)

    • Anisa

      I was just thinking about that today – I bet this recipe would be ok with chard – especially the leaves. never tried it, but it might be tasty.
      We usually substitute chard in all of our spinach recipes during the summer, we chop the stalks like celery and saute them or eat them with the leaves.

  2. there

    urban homesteader just printed your link. I will HAVE TO sign up for it, when I give talks (Master Gardener) I proclaim loud and Strong ” I am a Lazy Gardener and I am a Cheapskate Gardener” I am also a lazy urban farmer/homesteader wanna be. Well back to work to earn some money for chicken food tee hee.

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