20 Weeks: “Office” Closet Clean-Out

Six weeks into my 20 Week Organization Challenge and I’m finally getting to the office (er… is that the former office?) closet. As I keep getting things crossed off the list, this room is definitely not the office anymore and is quickly on it’s way to becoming a baby’s room again.  Right now, it’s storing an excess of chairs that are listed on craigslist as well as the disassembled crib, baby blankets and bedding, and a few other random baby items.

But I digress… back to the closet.  Here is the Before shot.

Notice all those boxes up on the top shelf?  Yeah – the recycling bin filled up quickly with this project.  Most of those boxes were empty.  The biggest one on the left was full of bath salts and bars of soap and other random supplies left over from my old bath product business.  Some of that ended up on freecycle, some was moved downstairs to be given as gifts, and some was moved into the bathroom to get used up.

The wooden shelves are full of my childbirth education business supplies (the ball is a teaching tool too) and the clothes and hangers on the rack are Rick’s work uniforms (the hamper is for his dirty uniforms).  These things definitely need a secure home.  My business supplies can’t be out where the kids can get them, and Rick’s uniforms don’t fit in our tiny bedroom closet.

The hangers could certainly go though.  His company even makes racks for the returned empty hangers.  So they went out to the garage on a rack, and then back to his work as the rack got full.  That alone made the closet look less cluttered. I also decided to consolidate the smaller baskets of supplies into one bigger basket (the last of it’s kind – the same as the ones in the boys’ closet).  This will mean a bit more digging between each class, but I was able to get all of my office supplies up onto the top shelf.  They can stay there even after the baby is born, at least until baby needs that shelf at some point, which is hopefully far off.

Here’s what the closet looks like now.

So you can see, my files and supplies are secure up on the top shelf.  The three baskets still on the wooden shelves are now empty… waiting for the changing table (along with that green changing pad now there) to come up from the basement.  No more metal hangers, and Rick’s work shoes even found a temporary home.  I think the eventual plan for the uniform problem will be for Rick to keep them at work, where he can change into them in the mornings, and leave the dirty uniforms there at night.  It’s not ideal, since it means he’ll have to get to work even earlier (yow!), but we really are out of space for them.  It’ll be a few months after the baby’s born before he/she even uses the room at all, so I think Rick will put that move off as long as possible, but it probably is inevitable at this point.

What about the ball?  Well, truthfully it’s still there.  It moves back and forth with me to class every week, and it’s huge and I’m not sure what to do with it.  I wish I could just store it where I’m teaching, but it’s a new place, and I’m not sure they’d go for it.  As things in the former office cum baby room and in the basement get rearranged, there might be room for it somewhere in the garage or something (which would be a time saver for getting it into the car each week).  But until then… I’m open to suggestions and ideas!

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4 thoughts on “20 Weeks: “Office” Closet Clean-Out

  1. Nice job! When I was more active in my doula practice I often kept my ball in my car, slightly deflated to allow for changes in temperature. That was it was out of the house, always at hand and could be fully functional with a quick couple of pumps of the foot pump. Hope that helps!

    • Anisa

      Thanks Michelle – I’m sure you’ll be doing lots of cleaning up and decluttering in the next few (many?) weeks as you get your family settled into the new homestead!

      I’m thinking I’ll ask the hubs about keeping the ball in the car. It makes sense, at least when I’m in the middle of a series. I’ll let you know what we decide.

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  3. allysgrandma

    Wow you got a lot done this week.

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