20 Weeks: Bathroom Cabinet Rehab

For week number one of my 20 Weeks of Organizing Challenge, I thought I’d tackle our bathroom cabinet.  When I started making my list of 20 things, I went through my house and took a bunch of “before” pictures.  When I loaded them up and looked them over, the bathroom cabinet was one of the worst!  So it was first on the list.

YIKES!  That was our cabinet before.  You can see two storage thingies in there, but they are not doing their jobs.  And a whole lot of junk.

I do not get bonus points on this one, because I bought something to organize this space.  But it was on clearance for $8.  I bought a metal rack that has two compartments that slide out.  Here’s what the cabinet looks like now:

The rack on the left corralled all the bottles of peroxide and body wash on the bottom, along with the extra Q-tips and cotton balls.  The top holds stuff we use every day, like Rick’s razor and my makeup bag, sunscreen and deodorant.

On the right in the back is the plastic storage tub that was in there before.  I collected all the band-aids, gauze, and other random first aid items and put them in the box with the lid on.  We don’t use those things very often so I thought keeping the lid on would keep them all in one place and keep any random things that don’t belong from falling in.  I put the box length-wise in the back and it took up the back of the cabinet, butting up against the rack on the left, so nothing call fall in between the two.  I’ll set my hair dryer there.

On the right up front is all hair supplies.  I put my brushes in a little bucket so I won’t have to dig around for them.  The blue jar I was using in another part of the bathroom to hold hair ties and bobby pins. I very rarely curl my hair, but I don’t want to get rid of these tow curling irons (for the times I may want to use them).  I thought it best to put them with the hair stuff and to fill up that basket so I don’t just throw something else there instead of putting it where it belongs.

Lastly, in the middle in the front, between the rack on the left and the basket on the right are Rick’s clippers and hair cutting supplies in their case.  It fills the space there too, and it doesn’t get used often any more since Rick goes to a salon now.  But I do use it on the boys every few months.

Everything else was thrown away.  There was a lot.  I should have photographed that too, but I didn’t.  What did you organize this week?  Have you made your list yet?


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2 thoughts on “20 Weeks: Bathroom Cabinet Rehab

  1. I made a list. I’m not quite checking it twice, but I think I’ll do 3 weeks out of each month, for 15 areas in 5 months. Thanks for the idea!

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