Thrifty Thursday: Sewing it Yourself

P9140011So sorry that my TT’s have been so random lately.  Most of my computer time goes to checking email and then, I usually get a few words written  here and there, but no real chunks of time to get whole posts completed!   Such is the life with a twelve week old and a nearly three year old!

This weeks tip: Sewing it Yourself!  I’ve made quite a few things myself, with my handy-dandy sewing machine (next week’s tip – Bumming Sewing Machines off Your Mother 😉 ).  I’ve made costumes and a nursing cover and bags to store H’s toys.  But my favorite thing of late is my mei tai!

Anisa Mei TaiA mei tai is a baby carrier, inspired by Asian design.  My friend had recently bought one called a Freehand.  After going to a baby wearing class with her (to figure out how to nurse in my Moby), I saw the mei tai demonstrated, and loved the design…  Just not the price tag; $80!!  So I did what I always do, I searched craigslist for a used one.  After a couple weeks of no luck, I googled some sewing instructions (see them here & here), and I made one myself!

Rick Mei TaiMine is made from 10.10 oz unbleached cotton canvas with a cotton panel of cool bird fabric that I didn’t get the name/designer of (as always, click the pictures for the best view).  It took me about three hours to complete it, not counting washing and stopping to feed E and eat dinner myself.  Originally, I was going to pad the straps, but after seeing and feeling the width I decided it wasn’t necessary.

I am so pleased with how it turned out!  I wore it to the farm last week and it was fabulous and much cooler than the Moby, since there was so much less fabric.  I also left one side with out the birds so that it could be reversed for Rick to wear (though the birds aren’t overly girly anyway).  I still love the Moby too, but this is a great alternative, and is frankly a bit more user friendly.

In total, I spent $20 and three hours.  It would have been a bit less if I hadn’t bought the padding too.  What a savings!

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2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Sewing it Yourself

  1. LOVE the baby carrier! had been looking for a pattern and had not run across those links yet. these seem a lot easier than the ones i was going to ‘try’ to replicate. wanted to make one for a friend and now i have the resource – this helped a lot – thank YOU. oh, are you coming to sewing club?

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