And the winner is…

p2180007Idon’t have any fancy blog contest software, so I just wrote your names on slips of paper and drew the winner out of a hat, er, um… mitten.  🙂 

The winner is… Tracy! 

Indeed the quote on the previous post was by president Jimmy Carter in January of 1977.  Carter famously donned a cardigan sweater for the speech.  Like his sweater, I hope these winter woolies help keep you warm as you “Freeze Yer Buns” this winter by keeping the thermostat low!


Thanks to everyone who participated in my first ever blog contest.  🙂  Tracy, since you just recently sent me your address, I’ll drop these in the mail to you ASAP!  If it’s not clear from the picture, it’s a pair of mittens made from recycled wool sweaters, handmade by me!  Please forgive any imperfections… it’s the first pair I’ve ever made! 

I’m inspired by all of you enduring that 60 degree stuff in your homes during the day…. I really better keep my thermostat turned down now! In fact, I better make another pair for myself!

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2 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Tracy

    Wow, I never win anything! Awesome! I can’t wait to wear my new mittens!

  2. cheers to you tracy! and YES, we are still freezing…

    way to go anisa, these mittens are awesome for your 1st project!

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